North Korea Threatens Guam – You Can Hit Panic Or Just Plan For It

Being from a very tiny island it is not the easiest thing to survive even just the threats from a country with millions of people

Whether you are trying to survive mentally or physically, this post will show you how to prepare for this whole situation so you can carry on with your life normally.

With the back and forth from President Donald Trump and Kin Kong Un, it is only natural for anyone to fear the outcome of this battle of words.

To end the feud, Kim Jong Un has threatened to send missiles to the US territory of Guam, so what should we do?

Here is what you can do to keep yourself from losing your mind even if nothing does happen.

Come up With a Plan and Go Over it

Having something as simple as a plan can help your mind be at ease.

You don’t have to be an expert to come up with a plan to survive anything, really and you don’t need to be the ultimate survivalist either.

All it takes is some learning and a lot of taking action.

For me, I have 4 kids and two of them can comprehend what I have to say and that will actually do what I tell them.

I am not going to drill them like some drill sergeant in basic training but I will go over what needs to be done in case of an attack and this is also what you need to do.

Tell your family what to expect and what needs to be done, which I will be covering more here shortly and you can use if need be.

Remember that this plan doesn’t need to be anything complicated (especially when dealing with kids) but they do need to know what to do in case anything does happen.

Stay Calm, Stay Calm, and Stay Calm

Anxiety has become a lot of Guamanian’s lives and it’s exactly what any terroristic person’s intentions want you to feel.

Before anything actually does happen, you want to try your very best not to worry.

Get out there and do things like you normally would and like always, hope for the best but plan for the worst.

I think the mental part of this whole threat is the most stressful and I can tell you to stay calm but that’s just as good as telling you not to go when you really need to go if you know what I mean.

But yes, you should try your hardest to remain calm as it will only help others panic, causing complete madness.

When something serious happens, you need to do your part and running like a mad man is not going to help, so take a deep breath, think about your next plan, and try to help others stay calm.

Panicking is only going to make things worse and it will not help you or your family a single bit.

The Radio is Your Best Friend

Sure we all have Facebook going on our smartphones and you can get all the news at the palm of your hand but when s*** hits the fan and no one has a connection, there is one way you are going to stay in the know.

A good old radio.

I’m not talking about some fancy digital radio, but a radio that takes them big D batteries.

Now I’m not saying go to your great grandpa and ask to borrow one of their treasures in their museum but get one that can work without having to connect to any digital outlets.

We live in a very technological world and the inventions are beyond crazy, but when it comes to survival, you are going to see just how handy these old basic inventions will be.

Most people will lose contact with the world but if you have your radio, you might be the “go to” for everyone who didn’t plan for this attack.

Sirens Will Go Off

If and when you do get attacked, a siren will go off so you need to be aware of them.

You might not have heard one before, but you will know that something is wrong when you do hear it.

I remember having to get into a ditch when the sirens went off in my first deployment, so I’m very familiar of this and I hope that I don’t have to hear it again.

I’m sure we all get irritated when our favorite TV shows get cutoff from that little emergency test they do every now and then but I’m sure you see why they do them quite often.

If and when something does happen and your TV just so happens to be working, you will get notified of the issue as well as more guidance on what you should do.

The Rocket Will Take About 14 Minutes to Hit

Once a rocket is fired from North Korea, it is going to take about 14 minutes for that thing to hit.

This does not mean for everyone to panic and start trying to get closer to loved ones, but rather to seek shelter and remain calm.

Imagine if everyone decided to panic and what that would cause?

It’s times like this where people become the most selfish so don’t try to be apart of the problem by driving like a maniac just to get home.

Call your family and tell them to get to where they need to be and remind them of your plan.


I’m not a nuclear biological chemical expert as I’m a ground pounding grunt, but I do know a thing or two about these types of situations.

If you happen to be outside and something does hit, you need to get down and cover your head so the blast goes right over you.

DO NOT LOOK AT THE FLASH or you might be out of commission.

Don’t worry about trying to run anywhere just yet and focus on taking care of yourself before treating anyone else or you might not even make it there.

Once that’s done, you can now proceed to some cover and try to stay in the most center part of the house that has more walls rather than windows or anything that will allow chemicals to seep through.

The main thing to remember in this situation is to simply, stay, calm.

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