Leatherman Tread Bracelet Review – Kinda Gothic Looking

In this Leatherman Tread bracelet review, I want to show you why I think this may or may not be one of the better additions to your gear.

As a survivalist and gear enthusiast, I’m always looking for the coolest gear out there, especially if it’s functional.

Is the Tread bracelet as cool as it looks?

Is it durable enough to get the job done, even if it’s a bracelet?


What is the Tread Bracelet?

Leatherman is always coming up with something new as far as multitools are concerned, and the Tread bracelet is one of them.

What we have here is a multitool in the form of a bracelet.

Yup, a bracelet.

This is one of the few multitools that can pass through TSA and has somewhat of a decent look.


The Tread comes with 25 actual tools that are all functional. You can get it in stainless steel (cheaper) or flat black, which costs about $50 more.


Who This is For

I’d like to say this is for the outdoorsy manly guy, but I find it to fit more for the person looking to use this as an accessory rather than have it do what it’s supposed to.


Although a multitool, I find the look of this to be more on the gothic side. I like the concept and all, but I don’t think this will fit everyone’s style.

Now it’s made of stainless steel, so you can expect this to be durable and get you to turn a screw and maybe cut some 550 cord.

The Price

The tool has two price points that come with the two different models.

Stainless Steel – $164.87 on Amazon.com

Black – $219.85 on Amazon.com

I think that is pricey, especially with all the complaints I’ve come across doing some research on the web.

Complaints of the Tread Bracelet

The biggest complaint that can be the deal breaker with this purchase would have to be about the screws falling off.

They are not the biggest screws, so having one fall off will not make you a happy camper.

Occasionally this tool will lock up and would require a penny or something to unlock it.

This happens more than you would like, so maybe having a coin handy would fix it.

I wouldn’t like to deal with that. Period.

For that price, I’d expect this thing to be flawless.

I mean, if a keychain-type multitool can come with a scissor and a knife for less than $30, this Tread has to be at least functional.

Final Opinion of the Tread

I’m going to give this one a 2/5 star rating. I’m all about functionality rather than style so this product will focus more on things’ fancy side.

Then again, this gives you more of a gothic look rather than the “I’m a survivor” type look.

So this is going to be up to you.

It is not the best option as far as multitools are concerned, but it is out there.

Now, if you’re looking for something a little simpler with great functionality, you’re better off with something like the Gerber Dime, which I find to be super handy.

Before You Buy


Don’t forget about the complaints that came with this.

Losing screws fairly easily is not something you want happening after you spend $200 on something.

Remember that Leatherman has a 25-year guarantee to back up their products. So if something happens to any of your gear, please get a replacement.

Well, that’s all I have to say about the Leatherman Tread bracelet.

If you have any experience with this, please feel free to share your thoughts below.

To buy or not to buy?

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