Income Disclaimer

Obviously we provide you with the best advice on surviving life and everything in between. We absolutely love what we do, but I would like to explain how everything works as far as money is concerned.

Some of you may understand how everything works, but some of you may have no clue as to what happens behind the scenes.

How We Make Money

Some of the obvious ones would be our advertisement. We have partnered up with various companies to advertise their products.

In return, we get a commission from clicks or purchases made from these ads.

Throughout our blog posts as well as all over our site, we have affiliate links in place. These can be found in links that will lead you to other sites, (most of which we recommend).

If you do decide to purchase a product using our affiliate links, we will make money. This is also how we make our living, so please do support our cause and be sure to click on our links before you make a purchase online. Thanks in advance!

We Strive for Quality

Although we do make money, this doesn’t take away from our quality service and product recommendations.

We practice what we preach and we use what we promote, so you can be sure that we only recommend things that we know actually work or will actually benefit you and your life.

It’s a Win/Win Situation

So for us providing you valuable information, you in turn pay us by simply doing what you were already going to do in the first place. Make sense?

So if you feel that we are only here to make money, just know that we always put you (the user) in consideration before publishing any posts.

We don’t just splash our links all over the place and we don’t just use any advertising for the sole purpose of making money. But, I’m sure you see that already.

Thanks For Your Contribution

We love what we do and we are most especially glad we could help you. So don’t be afraid to click on our links as everything on this site are safe and something we recommend or use ourselves.

Thank you for contributing to our site and we hope that you are enjoying what we have to offer!


– John

Owner, Survive-All Guide








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