How to Survive a Long Day of Pokemon Hunting

I can’t even start to explain how crazy this whole Pokemon Go craze is going. However, I am not the biggest fan, but you can be sure that I will support you Pokemonsters in your goal to “catch em all”.

Let’s just say that I’m the guy passing out water at a 5k. So before you consider me a hater or boring person, just know that I am here to help you survive a long day of Pokemon hunting.


And if you don’t think I am supportive of all you Pokemonsters, just remember that I do have kids that want me to pullover on the side of the road so that they can catch a fricken Pokemon.

Follow this guide and you will be¬†sure to survive another hard day’s work of becoming the best Pokemon trainer. Ever!

1.) Let’s Start With Accessories


If someone was to see you walking around with your phone, they would automatically assume that you were trying to catch yourself some Pokemon.

That’s exactly what happened to me when I was picking up some veggies at the supermarket. Even if I was simply checking a text message, it just shows you exactly what people are thinking.

Any who, I’m not here to tell you about what other people think, but I do want to show you some cool stuff that you can “accessorize” yourself with, the next time you’re out on the go.

How about a regular old t-shirt? I am not into this stuff, but I would use a shirt if someone got me one. You can find shirts and hats on, which costs no more than $10 a piece.

Not a bad deal.

2.) Powerbank


$40.99 From

I know how much battery power the Pokemon Go app uses, because my kids use my phone all the time. Once they’re done, my phone is almost dead and we’re not even halfway through the day.

So having an extra battery source is a lot more important than some fancy t-shirt, don’t you think? You can always get the crim dela crim of battery chargers or you can add more to your look with an actual Pokemon Go power bank.

This thing actually lights up and I think it looks super cool. Again, not a fan, but I would get this even just because of the way it looks.

3.) Hydrate


$50.08 From

We all know how important it is to hydrate. Of course I’m going to tell you to drink water, but that doesn’t always have to be your only source of fluids.

Grab a couple of Gatorades for some electrolytes, but do get back on the H2O for optimal hydration. Rather than carrying around a cooler or worrying about ice, bring along your Hydroflask.

And if you don’t have one, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on. I used to think this was a waste of money until I actually saw what a Hydroflask can actually do.

4.) How Bout Some Kicks?


For me, I can go around in some flip flops and be perfectly fine without encountering any problems. For some of you, you will need the best pair of walking shoes or you will not be the best trainer.

For whatever your reasons are, you can rest assured that I know what shoes are going to help you get through the day.

Ok there are literally over a hundred pairs that I can recommend to you, but I don’t think you will be needing the best.

Let’s see…How about some Pokemon shoes?! Yup, that’s what you need. Check out these ones I found. You might like these or you can browse the many online stores that carry them.

Click Here to See More Pokemon Shoes!

5.) Snacks

I’m snacking on a grilled cheese that I’m feeding my son, but that is not something I recommend. While you’re out walking around, why not snack on something on the healthier side of things.

Maybe a granola bar? You can always hold off until after and reward yourself with a nice salad from Wendy’s or something. I personally like the salads there but they can be a bit pricey

Well there you have it folks! Take these items on your next Pokemon hunting trip and you will be sure to survive a hard day’s work.

Are you the best Pokemon trainer? What do you bring with you on the field?


– John



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